Diode Laser

  • VM012 980nm Diode Laser
  • VM012 980nm Diode Laser
  • VM012 980nm Diode Laser
  • VM012 980nm Diode Laser
VM012 980nm Diode LaserVM012 980nm Diode LaserVM012 980nm Diode LaserVM012 980nm Diode Laser

VM012 980nm Diode Laser

  • Model Number: VM012
  • Description: Skin Treatment
  • Series: 980nm Diode Laser
  • Screen: 10.4 inch color touch display
  • Feature:Blood Vessels Removal Vascular Removal Spider Vein Removal Facial Red Vascular Removal Telangiectasia Removal
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980nm Diode laser blood vessels and spider veins removal

Treatment theory

980nm Laser is a very safe and comfortable technology to remove redness and telangiectasia on various part of the body.

It has non-invasive treatment to solve skin problems without anesthesia.

This treatment is only treat red blood cells on skin lesions, and the laser light is absorbed by the treatment tissues, so normal skin tissue is harmless.

After the redness removal treatment, there leaves no scar, the laser itself has sterilized function, there is no skin allergies problem as well. This laser technology is the most thorough treatment for redness removal until now.

MercuryTM smart medical laser system is based on Android OS, with WIFI/Bluetooth wireless functions. MercuryTM system is with wavelength of 980nm, 940nm or 810nm, and output power at 5 to 15W, which can be widely used for therapy, aesthetics, dental and soft tissue surgery. With its "smart" features and portable design, MercuryTM system is becoming a revolution product in medical lasers.

Hardware Features

1. Super Golden appearance, handle design which easy for move anywhere;

2. Oval handle holder design with the main case, greatly protect fiber optic handle;

3. Red emergency button on the front, protect clients and machine in case of any accident;

4. Red aiming light, accurate treatment on the target area;

5. Power, Laser, Alarm monitor;

6. 0.5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm total 4 sizes treatment heads for different treatment area.

Software Features

1. Unique “Android” operation software, intelligent and multi-functional;

2. High solution true color touch display;

3. WIFI/ Bluetooth wireless connection;

4. With internet functions;

5. Unique BoostTM mode to make output power 50% higher;

6. ComfTM mode to reduce pain;

7. Ultra-portable design.




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ENT surgery


Soft tissue surgery


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